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Now providing new services!  Transportation to and from your Veterinary office and transportation to and from your groomer.  Please see our "services" page.

Our local care providers are frequently in need of supplies, bowls, toys, blankets, etc.  Please check with them if you should have excess items for your pets.

 11/05/05                  Chocolate

01/09/2007                      Pets Evacuation Legislation


Please see our

Spring Ezine



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Chronic diarrhea is a health condition of concern for the pet, the owner, and the vet.

Please have your pet examined to determine the cause.  There are excellent products on the market to add fiber to their diets.


  Protecting your home

A word from the Auto Club

See their list of ways to protect your home Click the link below

Auto Club Suggestions


Have you given the Vet permission for us to bring your pet in for treatment?

Welcome to PetWatcher !

We provide pet sitting services in your home

Located in Oak Ridge, TN

  • At one time or another, we have owned multiple fur-babies. Some were dogs, cats, birds, and /  or fish.  Occasionally, all at once.

  • Like you, our pet ownership provides delightful hours with our little friends. On the other hand, there is a good amount of stress in managing the times that we must be away from home.

  • You may face situations like this and know first hand the stress that a boarding decision brings for you and your "fur-baby". 

  • This is why we are providing multiple levels of pet sitting services.  We know about leaving home and the needs of our pets.

  • Your family and friends cannot always help you out.

  • That is where PetWatcher comes in.  We can help with your pet management needs.


  • Member of National Association of Professional Pet Sitters

  • Member of East Tennessee Association of Professional Pet Sitters

  • Certified Professional Pet Sitter

  • Insured and Bonded

- Insured & Bonded -

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